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Business Success with Board Developer

Board Developer is an international top management consulting firm with a simple focus: the success of your company!


If you’re like most businesses, you have a vision for where you want to end up, but not ALL the answers to make it happen.


Board Developer specializes in developing a Board of Advisors for your company and practice management consulting to help your business grow! A Board of Advisors is a team of individuals that is committed to help you increase your bottom line.


Along with the Board, our company helps you strategically plan for the future with top management consulting firm including operations, finance and business coaching.


Putting your bottom line on steroids is our mission!

Our Services

The Keys to YOUR Business Success

Advisory Board

Board Developer takes your business model and enhances your success through board governance, development & succession planning. We assemble a group of ambassadors for your company, not chair-warmers. We help build a non-compensated board that brings relationships, acumen, talent & passion.

Business Management Consulting

Board Developer offers top business management consultants who can come in and look at the entire business without any bias in order to analyze the best plan for improvement. Our consultants will show your business what you need to do in order to take a competitive place in their industry.

Organizational Development

Our business management consulting will improve your company's collaboration and working relationships to assist in accomplishing your company’s desired goals and objectives, as well as define where there may be gaps and help to fill them. This may include work flow and operations efficiencies.

Board Member Education

We have two Individual Development programs that consist of a deep dive into abilities to grow as a leader and as an individual, especially for becoming a Board Member. This includes business coaching to sharpen one's image, behavioral/communication attributes, marketability and professional development.

IT Services

Board Developer offers IT professionals that will help you reduce equipment costs, reduce downtime for upgrades, and increase productivity by sorting out potential IT issues before they occur. This may include a move to the cloud where redundancy eliminates downtime. Optimizing your IT wil improve efficiencies and improve your bottom line.


Board Developer’s in-house counsel gives you access to an attorney for your business related legal issues big or small. Board Developer can provide your company with business management and accounting services that include payroll processing, A/R, A/P, financial statements, audits, tax planning and corporate income tax preparation.

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Board Developer

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