Advisory Board Company | Barbara Fleury
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Barbara Fleury

Barbara Fleury

Executive Vice President


Barbara Fleury has an extensive background in business operations in the manufacturing, retail, computer technology, healthcare services and medical equipment industries. Her accomplishments in these industries bring lasting value to the organizations she serves by building strong, long-lasting relationships.


Barbara’s passion for helping others was evident as she left Corporate America in 2000 to launch a start-up company that would assist small businesses in making better hiring decisions while creating a strong environment for employees to grow. These programs were instrumental in creating systems of efficiencies that produced exponential growth for her clients.


Barbara has continued to cultivate strong, strategic relationships with progressive companies offering her the opportunity to provide superior programs and services that make a difference.


At Board Developer, Barbara’s focus is on board selection and development for organizations as she serves in an advisory and organizational advancement capacity. Her vast background provides abundant value to each organization she serves.