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Benefits of Personal Development Planning

19 Nov Benefits of Personal Development Planning

Personal development planning (PDP) aims to encourage an individual to become more self-aware and self-reliant and pay attention to their overall growth while planning for the future. Personal development plans can be applied to a wide range of contexts involving both an individual’s professional and personal spheres.

The process includes:

Personal development planning

  • Learning to recognize and utilize one’s strengths.
  • Setting goals for the future.
  • Identifying areas of personal development.
  • Addressing problem areas in one’s personality.
  • Reflecting on one’s achievements.
  • Identifying one’s skills

Why does an individual need PDP?

individual need PDP

Even though every individual’s family life and schooling shapes their characters during the early years, their personal development does not stop there. Learning is a continuous process and there are always newer ways to grow as an adult. Simply entering adulthood cannot stop their development as individuals. A fully grown body does not necessarily mean that the other aspects of life have no scope of growth. PDP encourages beneficial individual growth throughout the lifetime of an individual.

What are the benefits of PDP?

benefits of PDP

PDP allows individuals to set future their goals and reflect on the possible benefits associated with attainment of these goals. This keeps the individuals motivated in their attempts to achieve these goals. The primary aim of PDP or individual development is to direct the individuals towards achievement of their short-term and long-term goals.

Benefits for individuals

  • Taking interest in self-development.
  • Becoming a better learner. PDP allows individuals to learn more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and how they can be managed for self-benefit.
  • Individuals learn to hone their skills for professional and personal growth.
  • Individuals learn to evaluate their progress in every sphere of life.
  • Learning to value oneself.
  • Becoming more self-reliant and aware of own potential.
  • The chances of employment increases manifold as an individual enters the job market as a self aware, confident professional.

Benefits for an organization:

benefits of PDP

PDP is not limited to the benefit of only individuals but also entire organizations. PDP programs are adopted by organizations with a large workforce to align the personal goals of the employees to the mission, goals and objectives of the organization. This helps build a workforce that is trained to be competent with the needs of the organization. PDP works best when applied uniformly at all levels of an organization’s hierarchy. This ensures that the members at every level of the organization work in complete co-ordination to achieve the goals of the organization. By providing PDP opportunities to its employees, the organizations earns their loyalty and praise. An organization must ensure that PDP programs is applicable to all members of its staff at all levels of hierarchy to keep all employees satisfied and happy.

How to deliver PDP programs?

Classes, specialized training programs, life coaching and other related techniques can be adopted by organizations to deliver PDP.


Thus, personal development planning is associated with myriad benefits at both individual and organi-zational levels. Thus, the fact that PDP programs are absolutely essential for the growth of an individual and organization, cannot be ignored.

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