Advisory Board Company | Bill Mangold
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Bill Mangold

Bill Mangold, JD, MD

Vice President
(In Memory)


With his unique leadership skills and extensive management experience, William Mangold personifies the Board Developer ethos of innovative, industry-agnostic thinking. He serves as Vice President, and is committed to excellence in all of his endeavors.


Armed with degrees in medicine and law, William’s experience and expertise is far-reaching. He practiced medicine in Tucson for more than 15 years in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and has been heavily involved in the affairs of organized medicine, including service as past-president of the Arizona Medical Association and national positions with the American Medical Association (AMA).


For the past 16 years, William has served as a contractor medical director for Noridian, a company that provides administrative services to Medicare in multiple states. He is also a member of the Arizona Judicial Council (AJC), the body responsible for advising the Arizona Supreme Court on rules governing Arizona’s court system.


William’s degrees in medicine and law were earned at the University of Texas.