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Brett Helgeson

Brett Helgeson

Board Member


Brett Helgeson is the President and Managing Partner of Adopt Technologies, an information technology solutions provider that specializes in cloud technologies, hosted and managed IT services, Chief Information Officer (CIO) level consultative services and cyber security solutions.


Prior to purchasing Adopt Technologies, Brett’s profession was in the construction industry where he worked for both a small construction management firm and a $1 billion commercial general contracting firm. In 2003, Brett founded Helgeson Construction Management (HCM), which managed and executed over $56 million of commercial construction projects in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Brett’s focused approach to delivering outstanding construction management and general contracting services, as well as building strong relationships with all those he collaborated with, resulted in developing a trusted relationship with the prior Owner of Adopt Technologies, whom provided IT services to HCM. In 2011, that strong relationship culminated in Brett opting to depart the construction industry and transition into the technology world as the Director of Operations with Adopt Technologies, which led to his acquisition of the firm within seven months.


Brett wholeheartedly believes that the success of an organization is critically dependent on the internal team it develops and the corporate culture it creates. With those pieces in place, he understands that the successful execution and realization of the mission, vision, strategy and goals, inclusive of full organizational buy-in to those objectives, becomes intrinsically more likely. Additionally, it enhances the likelihood that the organization will become both a destination employer and partner to its customers.


Brett is both engaged and committed to helping his team members individually achieve what they hope to accomplish personally and professionally. He is equally committed to his customers by playing a small part in their success through delivering high value and dependable IT services and consultation. Brett’s desire to give back to the community is strong and he always looks for opportunities to help in whatever capacity feasible.


Several years ago, Brett became a Client of Board Developer and since then has been Board Developer’s No. 1 referral source. Being asked to serve on Board Developer’s Board was a very natural, yet unique, opportunity for not only Board Developer, but for Brett as well. As a Board Member and Client of Board Developer, Brett brings a very unique perspective to the table.


Brett has been married to his wife, Gretchen, since 1999 and they have three wonderful children, Maritess, Sean and Brady, all of which they adopted in the great state of Arizona.