Advisory Board Company | Bryan Lifshitz
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Bryan Lifshitz

Bryan Lifshitz

Creative Director


Bryan Lifshitz is a Dad inventor, designer and creative project manager with a proven ability to help businesses and organizations with his “big picture” thinking. That’s thinking that never shuts-off. He thrives on bright and creative ideas—and having fun while getting it all done!


Bryan brings this excitement for invention and innovation to all audiences as he provides compelling stories and engaging discussion on how he’s gone from kid salesperson to retail management right out of college and then owning his own businesses and constantly looking for the next great idea to develop. His ability to bridge the business and creative worlds benefits all companies in addition to the clients of his company AlaMari Media LLC, where he actively continues working with customers big and small on branding and focusing their visual marketing strategy.


As the Creative Director Bryan will support the Board Developer team with solutions to help our clients achieve success with their branding, marketing, advertising and internal systems where design and print implementation is necessary. Bryan’s creativity, ingenuity and abundance for “ideas” shows his passion and involvement.