Advisory Board Company | Important Difference between a Life Coach and a Business Coach
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Important Difference between a Life Coach and a Business Coach

04 Aug Important Difference between a Life Coach and a Business Coach

In times of guidance to elicit a peak performance, a lot of us turn to coaching.

Whether it’s a desire to drive success, or interest, hobbies, talents, for unlimited reasons, people from all walks of life, big or small, use the valuable tool to achieve their dream goals effectively. This is the very reason, in today’s world, a new trend has just emerged in which individuals are seeking advices from life  coaches to search for personal fulfillment, while many are opting for business coach to enhance their skills, potentials at work.

So, what is the difference between a life coach and a business coach?


One of the major differences is: A life coach focuses on personal issues, while a business coach anchors on an individual’s business objectives. Both are focused in developing internal advocate to improve confidence and leadership skills. However, a business coach doesn’t always work around the client but also for business overall. A life coach however will solely direct you towards fetching your life goals; it could be in the form of losing weight or, getting better at analyzing situations, everything to your life better.

A business coach designs a developmental process to help individuals, teams, and business achieve and sustain success and maintain the top performance – all linked and in favor of organization’s needs. In recent times, business coaching has taken a whole new meaning in the modern workplace, providing a brand new face in corporate America. It shows that a company is invested in developing its employees potential for the greater good of the staff and the business overall.

Another major difference between life and business coach is in their reporting structure. While a life coach is directly associated with the client and only with the client, a business coach on the other hand has a contract that involves the coach, the coachee and of course the manager of the respective company. In order to secure confidentially and accountability, an alliance is crafted between the individual and the coach. This makes sure that all parties involved in the process agree on the same level. In fact, most business coach from advisory board company encourages collaborative meetings so that information flow can be shared amongst the individual and the manager.

Every directive from a life coach are mapped out keeping in mind the individual’s goals and a business coach focuses offers measurable improvements for the person being coached and the organization as well.

Here’s a fact: In a competitive world of today, it’s imperative for an organization to utilize their resources for the benefit of the employees. They are the driving force of a company. Also, a lot can be learned from the people, and some of the ideas could be further utilized in driving the business forward with higher productivity.

A life coach brings in the partnership with a client for results defined by the client. They are focused in the development of emotional spheres and success of the individual being coached. Advices on coping up with health issues, managing debt, or even improving sex lives – every personal development can be availed with the help of a life coach.

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