Advisory Board Company | Janice Cook
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Janice Cook

Janice Cook

Account Executive


Janice Cook has an extensive background in Human Resources, office management, project management, and process documentation across a variety of business segments from hardware information technology to real estate to personal retail services.  Janice brings a unique blend of left-brain  logic, analytics, and objectivity in combination with her right-brain creativity, intuitiveness, and thoughtfulness.


While she is able to create and follow detailed processes, the accomplished artist in her allows her to think broadly and come up with imaginative solutions to both the mundane and sublime situations.  You don’t get this style in very many business settings, but thankfully she is part of the Board Developer team!


Janice’s desire to see companies succeed and individuals excel is evident in the small and large organizations in which she has left a positive lasting footprint over a 30+ year career. Whether working in a for-profit, non-profit, paid, or volunteer position, each organization reaps the benefits of the systems, efficiencies, and personnel with which and whom she works.


Janice certainly understands that personal and comprehensive service is of the highest importance and greatest value to her employers and clients.  At Board Developer, Janice performs account management and administrative services for multiple clients and is also engaged in HR and organizational development activities for them.