Advisory Board Company | Jim Hayden
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Jim Hayden

Jim Hayden

CEO and Board Member


Knowing where you want to go is essential.


Knowing someone who can help take you there is just as key


A passion for the power of serial entrepreneurship. A belief in the value of impeccable customer service. Our renowned founder Jim Hayden’s unwavering commitments to both have defined his career. Their commitment is evident in the millions of dollars of value he has helped add to the balance sheets of his Board Developer clients.


They are also evident in the fantastically successful business relationships he has built and maintained. And they’re perhaps most evident in the personal relationships and connections he has formed, and in his all-encompassing knowledge base of Arizona business. It should be no surprise that Board Developer reflects these commitments.


After all, we’re the result of one of Jim’s entrepreneurial ideas—a revolutionary idea for an innovative company. His goal isn’t to think outside the box as much as it is to own the box. Jim does not follow business. He defines business—with dozens of companies for which he has established boards, each have realized double and triple-digit annual growth.


Jim knows the steps required to transform a small business into a big business, and his consummate record of success transcends the business challenges faced by the most demanding industries. Prior to forming Board Developer, Jim spent 20 years as head of the largest ambulance provider in the Country, a company with 2,600 employees and $300 million in annual revenue.


He’s just as well known, though, for the small things he does—phone calls to wish employees a happy birthday, face-to-face meetings—as he is for his largest achievements, which isn’t surprising for a man known for delivering what business owners need to know over what they want to know.