Advisory Board Company | Kari Sleezer
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Kari Sleezer

Kari Sleezer

Creative Writer

An accomplished writer, Kari Sleezer is well known in the Phoenix area for her articles in community magazines. As the Creative Writer for Board Developer, she assists Board Developer clients communicate effectively to their customers through the written word. Kari’s writing experience will further enhance the product value Board Developer clients have to offer their customers.

Kari is passionate about the opportunity writing presents to frame individuals and companies from a creative angle, distinguishing them in a way unexperienced before. “I find empowering people to articulate their passions and share their stories through writing fulfilling,” says Kari.

While earning a degree in English at Arizona State University, Kari worked as a writer for advertising publications. After finishing her English degree in three years at the age of 20, she began a career as a high school English teacher, teaching and inspiring students how to write and read literature. When not in the classroom or writing, Kari is most likely off traveling or listening to slam poetry at a local coffee shop.