Advisory Board Company | Laurie Forte
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Laurie Forte

Laurie Forte

Account Executive, Board Member Education Manager


Laurie Forte is a leader with the ability to bring strategic focus and clarity to both for-profit and non-profit organizations.



Laurie ran a successful business that was identified as one of Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Businesses and helped guide the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce (the 2nd largest in Michigan) to twice being awarded the Chamber of the Year for the State of Michigan.



She led every aspect of the organization during her time at the Chamber including coordination of 1,000 person events, achievement of financial goals, building of a sales team, planning and implementation of board retreats and other activities as necessary to keep the organization progressive and profitable.



Laurie’s education includes Walsh College, where she studied Business Administration and Computer Science and her Masters of Management from Aquinas College. She then took her degree and passion for education to Davenport University, where she taught General Business, Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics and other courses to undergraduate students earning their Bachelor’s Degree online.



Laurie now focuses her time and energy on Board Developer’s BME, Board Member Education program guiding participants through the program, helping them become the best board members they can be.