Advisory Board Company | Rachel Feitlinger
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Rachel Feitlinger

Rachel Feitlinger

Board Meeting Coordinator


“Everything I do, I do to make a difference and to exceed expectations.”

Rachel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business. She excels at organizing people and tasks, creative problem solving, financial management and getting those random tasks off her client’s busy plates. She has planned over 100 board meetings, business conferences, fundraising events, social and business events as small as 5 people and as large as 1,000 people. Attendees at her events always leave amazed at Rachel’s high level attention to detail, as well as, her passion for creating a wow experience. Rachel loves going the last 1% and coming up with creative final touches that make her guests feel special and wanting to come back for more.

She brings a unique perspective to Board Developer because Rachel understands the complexity of business. She has owned three different companies, including a mobile pet grooming franchise, an eCommerce website selling high end baby products and a technology company that builds custom mobile school directory apps for elementary and middle schools.

As Board Developer’s board meeting coordinator, Rachel coordinates all board meeting logistics ranging from scheduling board member travel arrangements to event location selection and scheduling.

When not at work with Board Developer, Rachel’s love for planning events extends into planning fundraising events for her synagogue and daughter’s school. Rachel gives back to the community by serving as the treasurer for her synagogue and the president of her daughter’s PTO. She loves traveling with her serial entrepreneur husband and her two daughters. She is well known among her friends as a foodie always the first to try out the new restaurant in town and sharing her experience online.