Advisory Board Company | Stephanie Clergé
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Stephanie Clergé

Stephanie Clergé

Director of Leadership Development


Stephanie is proof of the adage, “all I need to know about life I learned in Kindergarten.” Technically she learned it from a preschooler. Inspired by her young son’s choice in careers, Stephanie began to seriously contemplate her professional purpose and realized it was to develop engaged teams through empowering leaders.


From her nearly 15 years in high tech manufacturing, an environment steeped in innovation, she still saw plenty of work to be done to keep people energized about their tasks, interactions and environment. Since leaving her corporate position she has made it her mission to help others develop the leader within and deeply connect to their daily work and workplace through purposeful and passionate contributions.


Having functioned in an operations role as a people and program manager in a Fortune 100 company working on multi-million dollar factory start-ups and process implementations, Stephanie excelled at developing teams to meet complex operational goals. Well served by her education in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and Corporate Entrepreneurship focused MBA from Babson College,


Stephanie exhibits an ability to quickly get to the root of the issue and collaborate to develop and execute innovative solutions. Adding a leadership and transition coaching certification to the mix enables her to help individuals hone their unique strengths and organizations build a strong pipeline of leadership for the present and future.


Stephanie’s enjoys serving on boards and committees of non-profit organizations, especially those specializing in youth and education.