Advisory Board Company | The Secret to a Company’s Growth: Organizational Development
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The Secret to a Company’s Growth: Organizational Development

21 Sep The Secret to a Company’s Growth: Organizational Development

Organizational Development in a company is an objectives based approach to system change in order to enable organizational build and sustain their new desired state. It can be achieved through a change in communication process in an organization, followed by employee behavioral pattern allowing professionals to record and observe, and examine cases for modifications, for an effective organizational change.

Organization culture plays a vital role in the development of a successful organization. The staff, including the executives, managers and employees come together to understand the culture and evaluate the positives and negatives of the working environment, which may certainly include reviews with a 360 feedback, training assessments in order to establish the required objectives of training provisions.

Factors such as effectiveness, productivity, quality and morale of professional life are of great concern to any organization. In today’s day and age there is an increasing trend to utilize and maximize an organization’s investment in its employees. More than physical dexterity, jobs these days require more mental effort. Everyone involved in an organization need to work smarter, with better creative ideas to meet the challenges for recognition, accomplishment and meaningful relationships with the clients and with one another. It is only possible to meet the continually improving customer’s demand, rapid service delivery, faster turn-around, competitive prices, because of innovative organizational practices. The organizations are required to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with adaptability and responsiveness – essential to survive and thrive.

Organizational Change

Organizational Change:

Organizational Development focuses on identifying areas of company operations where necessary changes are much required. The needs are carefully analyzed and the potential effects are projected into this adopted management plan, outlining specific ways to improve the operations and the efficiency of the employees. Organizational development with the change management can help companies to improve efficiency and expand productivity.



Organizational development can help in managing and planning corporate growth by bringing together sales operations and consumer demand in order to help determine the rate of growth of a company. The derived information is further used to alter the business plan and design a program for the expansions and utilization of company resources to accommodate future growth.



Work Process

Work Processes:

When an advisory board company is appointed for organization development, it thoroughly analyzes work processes for efficiency and accuracy. Quality control measures, if there be any, for attaining company standards are put in place. The skilled evaluators analyze duplicate process for greater efficiency and develop and implement schemes to improve company methods.


Product Innovation

Product Innovation:

Organizational Development paves the way for product innovation by analyzing information and element of product development to create methods to use it effectively. All processes such as, competitive analysis, consumer preferences, technology development, target market research, trademarks come together for a comprehensive solution to innovation.


The primary aim of organizational development is to repose trust and confidence among the employees. This helps the workers understand that they are an important part of the enterprise and encourage them to work enthusiastically and contribute their best efforts. Such increase efficiency enhances the overall performance of the organization. They achieve the desired goals of organizational development and celebrate their edge over the counterparts in the market.

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