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Why Us ?



Board Developer is dedicated to the success of your company. It not only helps companies grow, but develops the infrastructure necessary to support continued growth! Here is what our clients say.


Our young company was faced with an interesting challenge: we were experiencing booming growth, and yet all our management positions were held by young individuals that had come up from within the organization.
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So while our management group was effective at growing sales, as a group, they lacked a depth of corporate-world experience. It seemed like we were often reinventing the wheel. We felt it was time to secure advice from leaders that had already travelled our journey.


Rather than take on the overhead of adding senior leadership positions and recruiting management talent with the experience and skill sets we felt we lacked, we turned to Board Developer. Jim Hayden and his team took the time to learn about our business, our philosophy on workplace culture, and the ambitions we had for our company’s future.


That insight allowed them to bring together a remarkable group of experts – including individuals with national and international reputations for excellence. Our Advisory Board has been coordinated and led by Jim Hayden for five years now, and has proven invaluable to our company.


Their combination of expertise and advice has been fantastic. They are passionately engaged in our progress, and they hold us accountable – which as a privately owned company, is unique. Over the years, our needs have changed, but the ROI from the Board Developer team and the Advisory Board they constructed only continues to grow with time.


-Rob Doty
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Compass Cleaning Solutions has been using the services of Board Developer for over 2 years. We initially chose to use their services because we had grown to a point where we needed outside advice and accountability.
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We met Jim Hayden and his background and experience matched up with our values and culture. Jim introduced us to Ms. Candy Body for Organizational Development. As a small company, we had not employed any organizational development services. This was intriguing to us because we knew and understood that as we grew, we would have organizational challenges.


Jim and Candy introduced us to potential Board Members who had a unique perspective on our business and brought an area of expertise to our organization that was missing. We had the opportunity to interview each potential Board Member and after our due diligence, we were able to put our Board Advisory Team together with the guidance of Jim and Candy.


Each Board Member is invested in our business and our success. We have had several Organizational Development seminars with our staff and each one has led to growth on an individual and company standpoint. Our monthly Board Meetings with Jim and Candy keep us on track and help us to think further than we would on our own.


Our Board Members meet with us quarterly, but are available any time we have a question or need help with a project. Our company has grown with the help of Jim and Board Developer. We have been introduced to people who we would not have met on our own and the ideas and suggestions from the Board have stretched us.


I would recommend using the services of Board Developer, but only if you are serious about growing your business. We also consider Jim and the Board an integral part of our company and consider them to be more than our Board; they are a part of our Compass family and we would not have it any other way.


-Cheri Derryberry

“In the first 18 months that I became involved with and took over leadership at Adopt Technologies we had experienced high percentage growth; however, I knew we were capable of realizing significantly more.
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In order to do so I was also keenly aware that there was much I didn’t know about how to successfully scale the organization as rapidly as we desired. We needed to maintain and enhance the quality services and customer support we delivered while ongoing development of the internal culture, systems, processes and procedures took place; all key components required to realize sustainable and successful growth to enable building our customer base and fostering customer loyalty. Facing those challenges, we knew outside expertise and accountability would bring tremendous value and increase our odds of long-term success. As a result, I started my investigation into leadership groups, accountability groups and Boards of Advisors…


That investigation led us to Board Developer. At the time I couldn’t even fathom that a company like Adopt Technologies could engage a high acumen Board of Advisors without significant capital, which we clearly needed to invest in the organizations growth initiatives. We engaged Board Developer in January of 2013 and it was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Board Developer has been an integral fixture in the continued and ramped up success of Adopt Technologies since its engagement.


They have certainly delivered value in the areas of organizational development, accountability and action oriented forward progress but most notably, we developed an Adopt Technologies Board of Advisors with highly qualified and intelligent individuals within the areas of expertise we needed to help the organization. There have been a number of significant business and organizational decisions that have been presented to, vetted by and planned out both during and outside of our Board meetings with board members.


Strategic planning, staffing, lines of revenue development, product pricing evaluations, out of the box thinking, market analysis, driving efficiency… most importantly, confidence that we are making the right decisions for Adopt Technologies and its customers after thoughtful consideration with Board Developer and our Board of Advisors. Priceless.”


– Brett Helgeson

Adopt Technologies

“Board Developer, under the direction of Jim Hayden, has been instrumental in helping us with our start-up company. We started a product development company called Exsomed approximately 2-1/2 years ago.
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At that time it was an array of disorganized ideas. The company was founded by 2 individuals; myself and Lloyd Champagne. Both of us were trained in the medical field. We felt that we had full comprehension of how to run a practice, perform surgical procedures, and maintain profitability of a medical practice.


When we started Exsomed, however, it became readily apparent that the corporate world was not our forte. Although we had a plethora of excellent ideas, we did not have the expertise or the time needed to translate those concepts into a functional array of products. Board developer helped us in the organizational phases and the operational phases of our corporate endeavor. Their presence was instrumental in keeping us on task and maintaining forward progress. We have an advisory Board established and maintained by Jim.


Our Board is extremely dynamic and replete with outstanding individuals that provide us with the guidance that we need as we move along through the different phases of company growth. Without any reservation whatsoever, I highly recommend Board developer to anyone who is in a similar position. The ongoing achievements of our company are directly related to the exhaustive efforts provided to us by Jim Hayden and Board Developer.


– Jozef Zoldos, MD