The success of your company, is our focus!

- Jim Hayden, CEO

What we Do

An Advisory Board grows your company by fostering new ideas, clarifying growth plans and strategically planning for the future.

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Our ALD program sharpens leadership capabilities, increases a Leader's positive impact on their organization, and builds their competitive edge.

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Ongoing education is the best way to develop your personal role, or your advisors. Learn more about our BME Program.

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What we deliver

Complete, trustworthy business leadership & advisors.

Wisdom on the journey to success.

Board Development

When you engage with Board Developer, you get a non-compensated Advisory Board with professionals who are business experts in their sphere of influence. Our unique process enables us to accurately assess your situation, then build a board that brings the specific relationships, talents, and passions your organization benefits from the most. Contact us today to find out how we can help you take your company to the next level.

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Advanced Leadership Development (ALD)

ALD Program’s are designed to give individuals the support and coaching they need to sharpen their leadership capabilities, tackle business challenges and seize new opportunities. Our program challenges Leaders to identify effective paths for increasing alignment between their communication style, behaviors and decisions on the one hand, and organizational objectives and activities on the other. 

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Board Member Education (BME)

BME Program’s are designed to prepare an individual for placement on a Board and to sharpen their professional image for marketability for Board placement with either a nonprofit or for profit organization. Although Board Developer does not guarantee placement, graduating from our BME Program significantly enhances a Candidate’s ability to be placed; and some of Board Developer’s clients even ask exclusively for BME Program graduates for their Boards. 

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Through engaging Board Developer and creating our Board of Advisors, Adopt Technologies has been positively transformed in ways that I never anticipated! Every significant decision, whether strategic or operational, was thoroughly vetted so we reached the right decision every time. Our growth trajectory, the development of our staff, and our enhanced services, are all the direct result of engaging our Board of Advisors. Itʼs hard to estimate the tremendous value that started out simply as one call to Jim Hayden.

— Brett Helgeson, CEO, Adopt Technologies

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