Being Deliberate

“Education brings about opportunity, and in turn inspiration.” -Bill Frist

Many young adults seem disenchanted by the idea of going to college and earning a degree. There is a struggle to reconcile the notion that creativity and talent cannot be taught within a classroom to the expectation of attaining a college degree as a step towards success. Knowing experience is learned on the job clashes with the traditional route to a career by way of university.

Disenchantment aside, college is about more than a degree. While some type of education will get you in the door, do anything that puts you in the position that allows you the credibility based upon the acumen you are bringing to the table.

Each person brings to the table the sum of their education and experiential skills. If you only have a high school education, your credibility could be viewed as minimal compared to others. Additionally, the more diverse credentials you secure the greater value you will have to offer a company. Position yourself well by creating a wide spectrum of qualifications that advances a unique worth. Seek the best opportunities to forge a distinct facet as an individual coming into a situation that sets you apart.

Practically, the best thing one can do as a young adult is intern. Wherever there is quasi-interest, intern. For a minimum of three months, participate in an apprenticeship within that industry to see if it is an occupation to continue pursuing.

By having enough smarts to put yourself in the best position at the right time, you will create the right opportunities based upon the right connections. Those relationships will turn into business opportunities and which leads to growing success. Surround yourself with people who are full of life. People who are full of life, full of happiness have a certain level of fulfillment.

Fulfillment is the key to establishing the course you will take to obtain your ideal occupation. Make your career deliberate. Do not let your career be something you fall into or something you were encouraged to do. Unfortunately, individuals find themselves stuck in careers they hate because they got into it by accident and were not intentional about where their life was headed. Choose a career that gives you fulfillment. If you do not have a higher education, making a good living may be more difficult. Never settle for what seems sensible, but rather what cultivates fulfillment deep within.

Contrary to the old adage that life is short: your life is the longest thing you have on this earth. Enjoy every minute you possibly can in loving what you do. Build up the tangible things. Pursue dreams. Being fulfilled does not have a shelf life…