Board Candidate Services

Board Developer’s Board Candidate Services (“BCS”) is designed to develop an individual’s board readiness package and to sharpen their professional image for marketability for Board placement with either a nonprofit or for profit organization. Although
Board Developer does not guarantee placement, our BCS can significantly enhance a candidate’s ability to be placed.

The services listed below will be defined deliverables throughout the engagement; however, board placement and opportunities for placement are extremely strategic and still requires a certain amount of “tap on the shoulder” philosophy. The overarching goal of these particular services is to seek opportunities specific to the acumen of candidate:
Board Developer didn’t try to change who I was, but rather worked with me from where I am in my leadership journey and took me to another level. I feel as though the holistic approach to leadership development and board candidate services provided me with opportunities and the ability to serve with joy.
Michelle Tinsley
Co-Founder & COO, YellowBird