Board Engagement Management

At Board Developer, we understand that the success of any organization hinges on the effectiveness of its leadership, and that includes the management of board meetings. With our meticulous approach to board engagement, we ensure that every meeting is a strategic step towards your organization’s goals.

Let’s focus on highlighting our ability to run and manage board meetings effectively, ensuring that all board members are active participants and that we make the most of our board meeting time. We can capitalize on the fact that most board meetings are not run well, and action items don’t get noted and completed as they should. By managing everything, we can drive a successful board and ensure that all necessary actions are taken.

Our Approach to Board Meeting Success

  1. Board Meeting Planning
    We initiate the process by meeting with our clients to obtain team and general business updates. This sets the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape.
  1. Evaluate Current Board Members’ Activity
    We carefully evaluate the activity and engagement levels of each board member, ensuring that everyone plays an active role in the decision-making process.
  1. Board Meeting Arrangements
    From scheduling and venue selection to meals and travel logistics, we take care of all the details to provide a seamless and distraction-free environment for your board meetings.
  1. Create Board Meeting Agenda
    Our team crafts a detailed agenda that not only covers essential topics but also allows for meaningful discussions and decisions.

Organizing the Advisory Board’s Meeting Process

  1. Act as Guide and Advisor
  2. Provide Board Member Expertise
  3. Act as a mediator
  4. Ensure Consistency of Process
  5. Prepare Minutes and Note Action Items
  6. Financials (if Appropriate)
  7. Ratification of Minutes

Follow up with Client and Advisory Board Members

  1. Successful Meeting?
    Knowledge is power, and so is knowing that goals have been achieved. We check in to ensure that the goals set for the meeting were properly discussed and proper planning  for that future has been accomplished.
  1. Did Meeting Meet Expectations?
    Feedback is crucial to present and future success. We assess if the meeting met expectations and solicit suggestions for improvement.
  1. Suggestions for Improvement? Other Feedback?
    Continuous improvement is our goal. We welcome and act upon suggestions for refining our processes .
  1. Hold Client and Board Members Accountable for Completion of Action Items
    We believe that a successful meeting extends beyond the boardroom. We follow up to ensure that action items are completed in a timely manner, driving tangible results for your organization.

At Board Developer, we take pride in transforming board meetings into powerful instruments of progress. Contact us today to elevate your board engagement and drive success for your organization.