Board Member Education

Board Developer’s Board Member Education (“BME”) Program is designed to prepare an individual for placement on a board and to sharpen their professional image for marketability for board placement with either a nonprofit or for profit organization. Although Board Developer does not guarantee placement, graduating from our BME Program significantly enhances a candidate’s ability to be placed; and some of Board Developer’s clients even ask exclusively for BME Program graduates for their boards.

Our BME Program is a six-month advisory and consultative service which provides customized training and tools to assist candidates in growing as a leader and as an individual.

The BME Program has a comprehensive, 9-step checklist of items that are reviewed and completed throughout the term of the engagement. Some highlighted services provided through our BME Program are:

I completed Board Developer’s Board Member Education Program seven years ago and was placed on a Board, which I still serve on today. Definitely worth my investment!
Aaron Gagnon

BME Testimonial