Board Placement Services

Board Developer’s Board Placement Services (“BPS”) are about more than just filling seats; they are about creating a board that moves your business forward. Allow us to be your strategic partner in improving the composition of your board, creating diversity, and driving excellence in every decision taken. Elevate your board, and your success will follow.

Board Developer’s BPS are designed for organizations that have an existing board (fiduciary or nonfiduciary) and are specifically looking for increased representation or replacements at the board level. Some highlights of our BPS are as follows:

In the ever-changing business environment, having suitable individuals on your board can make all the difference. Board Developer’s BPS are crucial in strengthening your existing board, boosting representation, and proactively addressing gaps observed through a thorough gap analysis.

Crafting Excellence Through Gap Analysis

A careful gap analysis lies at the heart of our BPS. We meet with you, our valued Client, to discuss and identify the gaps, issues, and blind spots in your current board structure. This collaborative approach guarantees that the board we help build is more than just a checklist; it is a strategic asset driving the success of your company.

Setting Standards and Expectations

Quality board members are carefully selected; they don’t show up by chance. Board Developer collaborates with you to create guidelines and expectations for board member hiring. We comprehend that subject matter expertise and business acumen are non-negotiables, and we make sure that every possible board candidate is completely aligned with the goal of your organization.

Vetting for Excellence

Our dedication to quality extends to the meticulous screening of board candidates. We give leadership assessments and perform in-depth interviews to ensure that every applicant brings not only competence but also a cultural fit that aligns with your organization’s values.

Personalized Profiles for Optimal Fit

We look beyond the surface because we recognize that each candidate is unique. Our leadership assessment looks at strengths, communication skills, leadership qualities, motivational factors, and potential areas for growth. The end result? A customized individual profile that acts as a guide to finding the best fit for your board.

In-Depth Candidate Summaries

Transparency is key. We provide extensive summaries of board candidates for your review. This complete overview ensures that you have all of the information you need to make informed decisions, paving the way for a diverse board that is also strategically aligned with your organization’s goals.

Smooth Onboarding for Seamless Integration

Choosing the best board candidate is only the beginning. Board Developer goes above and beyond by providing onboarding help to the chosen candidate(s). This guarantees a fluid integration process in which new board members become a fundamental component of your organization’s decision-making fabric.