Business Owner Succession

Experienced guidance helps to set the expectations and structure required  of a successful business sale, ESOP, or family succession transition.  Thorough planning, strategic thinking, and experienced guidance are needed to navigate this journey.  . We specialize in guiding business owners through every stage of the process to ensure a seamless and successful transfer.

 In a nutshell, our strategy is a comprehensive and individualized blueprint to lead organizations through the complex transition process, assuring not just a successful transaction but also a strategic evolution that lays the foundation for future prosperity.

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Our Strategy

Business Readiness and Operational Processes:

Managerial and Leadership Support:

Financial Assessment and Strategic Planning:

Real Estate Evaluation:

Strategic Planning and Initiatives:

Financial Projections and Tax Strategies:

External Partnerships:

Due Diligence and Transaction Oversight:

Relationship Management:

Post-Sale Transition:

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Objective:   Mergers can increase market share, given instant growth and strengthen company’s capabilities.


Objective: Specific acquisitions increase market presence and obtain strategic presence with wanted/needed competencies and help with long term growth..

Jim Hayden has been my executive coach for nearly a decade and has been invaluable to my career development and progress as an independent consultant. Since I am both a physician and PhD, why would I need an executive coach? Having an objective, thoughtful, and knowledgeable strategic partner and adviser turns out to be incredibly valuable. We meet about every two weeks, like clockwork, and our communication process and his level of commitment toward me has been nothing short of remarkable. Jim’s unique perspectives and personable communication style, especially as a fellow clinician, gives him the ability to relate to me extremely well. Jim has repeatedly provided critical assistance in managing my clients, setting priorities, holding me accountable, and assuring I maintain a realistic perspective about my own work.
William Yasnoff