Education / Networking Opportunities

Objective: Facilitate and enrich various education and networking opportunities to improve board leaders’ skills and techniques, and to make it easy to find new and meaningful industry connections.

Leaders play a vital role in providing strategic guidance, oversight, and governance to organizations. While they often possess a wide range of skills, expertise and experience, they are also subject to the rapidly evolving business landscape. Board Developer organizes several events each year to help attendees achieve further growth and to learn the necessary steps to adapt to the business landscape

Board Developer organizes several events each year. Each event is targeted to help attendees learn and grow.
Different events can include:

Board Developer organizes several events each year.  
Each event is targeted to help attendees learn and grow.   
Different events can include:

Each event focuses on providing essential and important information and opportunities for personal growth and improvement.

Events hosted by Board Developer offer an engaging environment that enables participants to learn, grow and become better leaders. Our team will ensure that participants leave these networking opportunities feeling empowered, informed, and prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

"I never thought I would need an executive coach. Let me tell you how wrong I was. I meet with Jim every month and his advice has truly changed my trajectory professionally. His unbiased perspectives have really opened my eyes to additional areas of growth we have tapped. He’s met with all my direct reports 1:1 in addition to my leadership. His ability to get people to open up about me and my leadership has been so helpful. His organizational development tools are very useful as we assess talent, compare leadership abilities and recognize strengths as well as areas of improvement. Having Jim by my side has been remarkable."
Jim Davis
Vice President, Delta Airlines