Financial Strategies

Objective: Assists in creating new opportunities through effective and cost-efficient techniques

Board Developers’ strategy is centered on thorough assessments, strategic planning, and professional advice to strengthen your organization’s financial health. Board Developer is your trusted advisor in developing financial plans that not only solve today’s issues but also pave the way for future success, from in-depth quality of earnings reports to dynamic liquidity advising services.

Financial Readiness Assessment:

Board Developer actively helps clients by conducting a comprehensive financial readiness assessment. This involves a thorough examination of assets, liabilities, and overall financial health, providing essential insights to prepare for strategic decisions and ensure a robust foundation for future growth.

Quality of Earnings Reporting:

Board Developer not only aims to establish but actively assists and leads external independent services to provide a Quality of Earnings report. This meticulous analysis of financial performance helps clients make informed decisions during critical transactions, ensuring transparency and confidence in financial matters.

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Strategic Financial Planning:

Collaborating closely with clients, Board Developer actively guides and assists in the development of a three-year strategic financial plan. This collaborative effort aligns initiatives with future business cases, employing strategies to enhance the overall value of the organization through thoughtful and comprehensive financial planning.

Tax and Legal Strategies:

Board Developer employs a coordinated approach to corporate and individual tax strategies, working hand in hand with independent tax and legal experts. This collaborative effort ensures that clients not only meet regulatory compliance but also receive guidance to strategically navigate short- and long-term tax implications.

Liquidity Advisory Services:

Board Developer actively guides owners and founders through business readiness processes, providing essential assistance such as CEO business coaching. This guidance helps navigate potential obstacles, assess operational and financial readiness, and ensures a seamless handover/integration during a liquidity event.

Post-Sale Transition Planning:

Board Developer actively provides guidance and direction in developing a post-sale handover transition plan. This involves strategically examining marketing materials for accuracy and completeness, actively ensuring a seamless transition, and contributing to the strategic evolution for future prosperity.

"I never thought I would need an executive coach. Let me tell you how wrong I was. I meet with Jim every month and his advice has truly changed my trajectory professionally. His unbiased perspectives have really opened my eyes to additional areas of growth we have tapped. He’s met with all my direct reports 1:1 in addition to my leadership. His ability to get people to open up about me and my leadership has been so helpful. His organizational development tools are very useful as we assess talent, compare leadership abilities and recognize strengths as well as areas of improvement. Having Jim by my side has been remarkable."
Jim Davis
Vice President, Delta Airlines