Create and Execute

a leadership organizational development plan.

Leadership Development

Coach the Leader to achieve the next level of professional success.

Individual Feedback Meetings

Discuss results and findings from the management assessment instruments and implement strategies and techniques for growth.

Our program challenges Leaders to identify effective paths for increasing alignment between their communication style, behaviors and decisions on the one hand, and their organizational objectives and activities on the other.

Although Board Developer does not guarantee placement, graduating from our BME Program significantly enhances a Candidate’s ability to be placed; and some of Board Developer’s clients even ask exclusively for BME Program graduates for their Boards.

Board Development
Board Developer’s ALD Program

Board Developer’s ALD Program is a six-month advisement and consultative service that provides Leaders with objective, confidential and ongoing advice and feedback to assist them in developing to their full potential so as to positively impact organizational goals, develop executive presence and strategic thinking, deepen business acumen, and positively influence team dynamics.

Some highlighted services provided through our ALD Program are:

One-on-one monthly coaching sessions between Leader and Certified Executive Coach to focus on decision making, communication, management, advancement, and overcoming workplace obstacles.

Photoshoot to obtain Leader’s professional headshot and develop Leader’s executive bio.

Online questionnaire and assemble 26-page customized individual profile to reveal Leader’s strengths, communication characteristics, leadership attributes, motivational factors, ideal environment, potential growth areas, etc.

Leader to quarterly educational and networking events.


Month Program






"I never thought I would need an executive coach.  Let me tell you how wrong I was. I meet with Jim every month and his advice has truly changed my trajectory professsionally.  His unbiased perspectives have really opened my eyes to additional areas of growth we have tapped.  He’s met with all my direct reports 1:1 in addition to my leadership. His ability to get people to open up about me and my leadership has been so helpful. His organizational development tools are very useful as we assess talent, compare leadership abilities and recognize strengths as well as areas of improvement. Having Jim by my side has been remarkable."

— Jim Davis, Vice President, Delta Airlines

"Jim Hayden has been my executive coach for nearly a decade and has been invaluable to my career development and progress as an independent consultant. Since I am both a physician and PhD, why would I need an executive coach? Having an objective, thoughtful, and knowledgeable strategic partner and adviser turns out to be incredibly valuable. We meet about every two weeks, like clockwork, and our communication process and his level of commitment toward me has been nothing short of remarkable. Jim’s unique perspectives and personable communication style, especially as a fellow clinician, gives him the ability to relate to me extremely well. Jim has repeatedly provided critical assistance in managing my clients, setting priorities, holding me accountable, and assuring I maintain a realistic perspective about my own work."

— William Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI

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