Advisory Boards

Form an Advisory Board (or Fiduciary Board) specifically designed and with members selected for your current and future strategic business needs.

Organizational Development

The Organizational Development (OD) program is designed to improve collaboration, internal and external working relationships, and effectiveness that will be an invaluable asset in accomplishing your company’s desired goals and objectives.

Board Engagement Management

Manage ALL Board activities including quarterly meetings, scheduling, agenda planning and execution, minutes, travel arrangements and accommodations, communication, action items, etc.

Ensure Board Members are engaged with the sole purposes of advancing your business’ interests and being ambassadors for your organization.

Navigate business obstacles with company leadership in areas such as finance, operations, sales/service, marketing, etc.

Advisory Boards
Board Development

Advisory Board members give you advice for the success of you and your business. You receive free advice from subject matter experts in all aspects of your organization to help your business grow and succeed.

Through board governance, development, planning, attrition, and succession planning, we assemble a group of ambassadors for your company, not chair-warmers.


"Because of Jim and Board Developerʼs team, the Organizational Development (OD) they have afforded me and infused with my teams has been tremendous. I oversee all International operations at Delta Airlines.  Having a true OD plan with my team has made my management and leadership that much more effective. Jim and his team have met with all of my leaders from around the world and their attention to detail, direct advice and focused values have been second to none."

— Jim Davis, Vice President, Delta Airlines

Board Developer’s approach and expertise in assessing, consulting, and training our Brown Community Management team has proven to be priceless. We apply the results every day to improve our team’s professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.

— Bob Brown, Founder & CEO, Brown Community Management

Adopt Technologies

As an organization that takes its corporate culture extremely seriously, the organizational development services that we have engaged Board Developer to perform have been invaluable.  Starting with assessments to make sure we are getting the right team members on board for the right roles, through training and education opportunities, the insight and guidance we have received have helped us transform how we communicate, work and function as a “true Team.

— Brett Helgeson, CEO, Adopt Technologies, Inc.

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