Individual Assessment

Online Leadership Assessment resulting in a profile and in-depth analysis which includes strengths, communication characteristics, leadership attributes, motivational factors, ideal environment, response to pressure, potential growth areas, TEAMS thinking style, and values.

Board Visitation

Attend one or more Board Developer client Board and/or Mock Board meeting(s) for exposure and to embrace an “ambassador” philosophy.

Education/Networking Opportunities

Board Developer will organize 3 – 4 events annually that will include educational opportunities, best practice discussion, summits, webinars and networking events for board member education clients.

Board Developer’s Board Member Education (BME) Program is designed to prepare an individual for placement on a Board and to sharpen their professional image for marketability for Board placement with either a nonprofit or for profit organization.

Although Board Developer does not guarantee placement, graduating from our BME Program significantly enhances a Candidate’s ability to be placed; and some of Board Developer’s clients even ask exclusively for BME Program graduates for their Boards.

Advisory Boards

Our BME Program is a six-month advisement and consultative service which provides customized training and tools to assist Candidate in growing as a leader and as an individual.

The Program has a comprehensive, 9-step checklist of items that are reviewed and completed throughout the term of the engagement. Some highlighted services provided through our BME Program are:

One-on-one monthly meetings between Candidate and Jim Hayden, CEO of Board Developer.

Online questionnaire and assemble customized individual profile to reveal Candidate’s strengths, communication characteristics, leadership attributes, motivational factors, ideal environment, potential growth areas, etc.

Photoshoot for Candidate to obtain professional headshot.

Candidate’s Board-ready bio and audit Candidate’s resume and social media presence.

Candidate to attend/observe a Board Developer Client’s Board Meeting.

Candidate for Board placement, coordinate C-suite introductions and provide one-on-one coaching to prepare Candidate for Board interview(s).

Candidate to quarterly educational and networking events.


Month Program





"I completed Board Developer’s Board Member Education Program seven years ago and was placed on a Board, which I still serve on today.  Definitely worth my investment! "

— Aaron Gagnon, Esq.

I graduated from Board Developer’s Board Member Education Program six years ago and have subsequently been placed on two boards. Adding true value to a board meeting based upon the program was remarkable and the entire Board Developer Team has been amazing to deal with. I love the fact they continue to keep me involved and invited to quarterly events, which enables me to continue to network professionally.

— Tracy Bullock, President, Sandler Training
Retired Global Senior Account Executive of Proctor and Gamble (30 years)

Board Developer is your best resource for education, to join world-class advisory boards.