Jim Hayden

Jim Hayden is a seasoned C level executive with over 25 years of leadership, development and executive coaching. Jim prides himself in being able to work with executives around the world on specific leadership and growth that is laser focused on what the leaders need to hear versus what they want to hear. Jim is also the founder and CEO of Board Developer, a worldwide organization that builds, manages and places executives on boards of directors. Board Developer has done over 4,000 placements and has managed over 1,200 board meetings since its inception.

Jim Hayden
Ken Mosesian

 Ken Mosesian

A certified Board Developer coach, Ken brings 20 years of coaching experience to the Board Developer Team spanning multiple fields: leadership, strategy, and communications. Ken works in both the for profit and non-profit sectors and developed a deep understanding of their similarities and differences. Through cause-related marketing, he forged relationships between Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations. Clients from a diverse array of businesses choose to work with Ken because of his passion for helping people understand and leverage their personal brand, which is essential when transitioning careers.

 Katee Van Horn 

Katee Van Horn is a Board Developer Certified Career Coach. For professionals who are ready to make a change in their career, Katee’s expertise is for you. A senior HR executive, Katee brings her 20+ years of experience to every engagement. To have a more fulfilling career, she will guide and coach you through the necessary change. Smart coaching and advice are utilized to personalize the experience for each client- this is not the career aptitude test you took in college! She cares deeply about the individual and gives real-world, practical advice on how to make the change that is best for you. If you are ready to find a career that fits and maximizes your potential, Katee is the right coach.

Katee Van Horn
Brian Sallee

 Brian Sallee

A certified Board Developer coach, Brian brings over 15 years of executive leadership and technology entrepreneurship to the table as an executive coach. Brian is a millennial serial entrepreneur who has built and sold two technology companies including a successful exit with a cloud computing firm. He is a thought leader in both the technology space and disruptive marketing fields.

 Joel Strom

Joel brings more than four decades of practical business leadership, consulting, and coaching experience to every engagement. Understanding what builds value today in privately held companies, he works with leaders who want to grow not simply revenue but more importantly enterprise value. By utilizing his exclusive Strategic Value acceleration process, he helps CEO’s of middle market companies become effective CVO’s (Chief Value Officers). Joel has extensive experience working with leaders of every type of business from earlier stage high growth companies, to well established operations, to family owned enterprises in nearly all industries as a CEO, advisor, and board member.

Marcus Sipolt with Board Developer

 Marcus Sipolt

Marcus Sipolt is a Certified Business Coach and a Professional EOS (Entrepreneurial Business System) Implementer. Having founded and sold multiple companies and with over 25 year of working with service businesses, Marcus brings a wealth of relative business experience helping business owners get what they want from their business. Marcus focuses on entrepreneurs and leadership teams that are not happy with the status quo and potentially are stuck in growing, expanding, or even transitioning ownership and responsibilities. He brings a simplified approach with 20 tools that help teams determine where they want to go and how to get there. He helps implement a discipline of accountability and builds great leadership teams. If you want to break through some ceiling or get to your goal quicker, Marcus is the great coach to assist you.

Lisa Kelley

Lisa Kelley is an accomplished Senior Finance / Operations Executive and Board Member from the electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries. She has over 25 years’ experience working at multi-billion dollar publicly-traded and private-equity global companies. Currently, Lisa is the President of Board Developer providing board and advisory services and Managing Director of Floating Interest Corporation providing management advisory and fractional CFO services. Lisa is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Global Management Accountant with an MBA from the University of Wisconsin. Lisa currently serves on two private company boards and two not-for-profit boards. She is active within her profession as she serves on various executive committees for the AICPA and AACSB Accounting Accreditation committee.