Organizational Development

We, at Board Developer, have noticed over the years that one of the factors that causes disruption in the workforce is invariably personality, not function. The magic of every team in management and at the board level is how effectively they work together. Board Developer aims to ensure that the magic happens even before your new leaders start on a board.

Develop and maintain a functional organization and/or board that works effectively and productively:

Assess Leaders and Identify Areas for Improvement

Assessing the capabilities and strengths of leaders is a critical aspect of ensuring the success of an organization. A strong leader can inspire and motivate their team, set clear goals and objectives, and provide clear direction. Through Board Developer’s Organizational Development process, leaders can gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to improve in those areas.

Create New Opportunities for Growth with Team Workshops

By bringing team members with varying perspectives and experiences together, workshops provide a structured format for exploring new ideas, identifying challenges, and brainstorming solutions. Workshops can be used to develop new strategies, improve communication and problem-solving skills, and enhance team cohesion.

Identifying Ideal Fits for Your Organization

Strategic assessment of potential new hires can help identify individuals who possess the requisite experience and qualifications to achieve your organizational goals, in record time. By using a benchmark-driven process, Board Developer can effectively optimize your recruitment efforts, and can improve the overall quality of your hiring process.

Leading Ongoing Developmental Exercises

Finding and vetting potential leaders for your organization is only the first step to creating an effective team. Board Developer leads ongoing development exercises that help identify pain points your potential leaders’ processes and create new opportunities to improve on already established skills. With effective development exercises, good leaders become excellent leaders fit to lead your team to success.

As an organization that takes its corporate culture extremely seriously, the organizational development services that we have engaged Board Developer to perform have been invaluable. Starting with assessments to make sure we are getting the right team members on board for the right roles, through training and education opportunities, the insight and guidance we have received have helped us transform how we communicate, work and function as a “true Team.”
Brett Helgeson
CEO, Adopt Technologies, Inc.