Professional Development

Crafting an image that is focused on strategically matching your strengths and generating a better presence as a leader (or in the boardroom) is our objective. As one of the nation’s leading advisory and fiduciary board placement firms, we provide leaders, businesses, and aspiring board candidates the expertise and tools needed to sharpen leadership capabilities and tackle business challenges.

The plans detailed below are strategically designed for you; however, if you feel your path would be better mapped out using other services, we will gladly customize accordingly to ensure the best fit.

All of our professional development services include:

Our professional development services provide strategic guidance for your ideal outcome.

Advanced Leadership Development Program
Seize new opportunities and identify effective paths to solutions and success

Board Member Education Program
 Sharpen your professional image for board placement opportunities

Board Candidate Services
Customized training and tools to manage board member roles and responsibilites

Why have Jim Hayden as a coach – my perspective:

As CEO of a fast-growth technology company I became aware of the importance of having a coach to work with me on the business and leadership challenges. After interviewing three people for the role I chose Jim Hayden for the following reasons:

• Directness of communication – he didn’t sugar coat things or work to “sell” me in any way
• Experience – he ran an enterprise, he sits on the board of companies and he leads an enterprise currently
• Understanding – he spent four hours with me to listen and learn what I needed to focus on – he got on my agenda quickly

My work with Jim happened at an important time in our company's growth curve. Jim was always available, always focused on causing me to think through the next steps and helped me develop new leadership patterns that made a big difference. Jim understood my entire team, business partner and where we were headed and was able to craft questions and strategy that enabled me to work more effectively with our team and strategy. What I learned to appreciate the most was Jim’s motive – he was involved in coaching me to assist me in getting to the next level and not for any other reason. Jim’s integrity, motive of wanting to help me and my company and his deep well of experiences was invaluable to me and I will always be grateful. I highly recommend Jim for anyone who wants someone on their team who will always be direct and focused on helping them create strong outcomes.
David O'Brien
CEO & Co - Founder | Quantum5